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At a special meeting on Wednesday afternoon, the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority approved a compromise plan for the boardwalk that retains approximately 500 feet of boardwalk and a viewing platform. After meetings with staff from the JPA and the Conservancy, the Coastal Commission staff indicated they could approve the compromise plan without it being heard by the Coastal Commissioners, who had voted to remove the entire boardwalk at its March 11, 2015 meeting.

Although not the ideal result we were supporting, we truly believe that the key reason the Coastal Commission staff were willing to approve a compromise plan is a direct result of the efforts of the Boardwalk Brigade! It is you, the public and Conservancy supporters who made this possible! THANK YOU for all your time and effort! We sincerely appreciate the support of everyone.

We will do our best, working with our partners, the River Park JPA and the 22nd District Agricultural Association to ensure access via the new segment of the Coast to Crest Trail along Jimmy Durante Boulevard is open for the public before the boardwalk is removed.

With best regards and appreciation, The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME OUT TO JOIN US AT THE RALLY & HIKE TO SAVE THE BOARDWALK ON SATURDAY, MARCH 21st! We had almost 200 people there enjoying nature and hiking, jogging and riding their bikes! For up to the minute alerts and news on our efforts to save the boardwalk, download the new Save the Boardwalk App by scanning the QR code below:

Check out this fabulous 360ยบ photo of the San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk by Miles McLeod of McLeod Media in Encinitas (click photo and use cursor to move viewing position):

March 11, 2015, the California Coastal Commission voted to REMOVE the San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk. This action came as a stunning blow to residents and visitors that enjoy the San Dieguito Lagoon.

Read the January 27, 2015 San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy letter to the Coastal Commission

View many other boardwalks through wetlands in San Diego County and throughout California!

The San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk Trail is a very valuable community asset that promotes environmental education and appreciation of our unique lagoon wetland environment. The Lagoon Boardwalk Trail was built to protect wetlands while providing people of ages and abilities the opportunity to enjoy and study nature. The San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk Trail should not be removed. It should remain in place to serve the community as it has since it was constructed by volunteers, led by the Del Mar Rotary Club, eight years ago. For more information, download the San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk Trail Fact Sheet or visit the San Dieguito River Park website here.