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River Path Del Mar Extension - San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk - Birdwing Open Air Classroom

The Conservancy is working to implement the vision of the San Dieguito River Park through our land acquisition efforts and conservation, education, and recreation programs. Since 1986, those programs, and the River Park itself, have grown tremendously.

Our projects range from securing more land of the 92,000 acres in the River Park planning area, to planning and constructing new trails and segments of the Coast to Crest Trail, to hosting school field trips, and restoring habitat throughout the River Park.

Thanks to the help, support, and guidance of dedicated individuals, we have:

  • Secured nearly 65% of the 92,000 acres that are in the planning area for the River Park under protected public ownership.
  • Acquired or assisted with acquiring 19 parcels of land, totaling about 8,300 acres.
  • Restored over 1,000 acres within the San Dieguito River Valley through volunteer programs and habitat restoration projects.
  • Opened 45 miles of the Coast to Crest trail and over 20 miles of side trails throughout the River Valley to public recreational use.
  • Raised funding to develop 12 new miles of trails between Boden Canyon and Lake Sutherland and connecting San Pasqual Valley with the Poway Trails System.
  • Conducted hikes and other events for the general public and for Conservancy members throughout the year.
  • Completed construction on the Birdwing Open Air Classroom, a unique shelter for people to learn about the river and coastal area in the San Dieguito Lagoon.

Everything we’ve done has been thanks to your support! Your donations make it possible for us to acquire more land in the River Park planning area, construct more trails, restore habitat, and provide educational and recreational programs to the public.

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